Fully Generated Action Role-Playing Game that you play as your pure mind to fight against your worst enemies. The Negative Emotions.

The peaceful happy calm Jith woke up with frightened, feeling

something’s wrong

And found the world that used to be full of lives, peace and calm, now overshadowed with those negative emotions. The sky turns dark. The earth quakes. No traces of the world we once knew can be found. Unable to stay in such uninhabitable land and wanted to restore his happy life, even though he didn’t know what they are or how to eliminate them, he then takes a journey to find the origin of those negative emotion and solve the situation.



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Telling a story through Abstract Minimalist Art style. The AMA style is full of beauty, solidity and emotion.

Free Style Gameplay

Play in any style you like just equip a weapon/skill that matches your play style.

Fully Procedurally Generated

Generate a new story, quests and game map everytime you start a new game.

Challenging difficulty

We don't try to be another Dark Soul rip off game. We just love a freaking hard games. And we want to make one.

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